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 SAT 1600     Top 30%  5 Months Ago

National Honor Society
Student Government
Varsity Baseball
JV Basketball
Church volunteer

 SAT 1860     Top 50%  12 Months Ago

Varsity soccer
Varsity Track
NYS Winner Science Olympiad
Jazz Band
Religious Center Volunteer
Sailing Instructor

 SAT 1860     Top 20%  13 Months Ago

School Band
A capella Choir
Jazz Choir
Honors Choir
School Choir
Marine Science Club
International Club

 SAT 1820     Top 1%  2 Years Ago

National Honor Society
drama club
volleyball-4 years
Newspaper-2 years
Yearbook-2 years
-GPA over 3.75
-A Honor Roll
- varsity choir (choir historian)

 SAT 1570     Top 20%  2 Years Ago

national honors society
high school swimming
patriot swimming
AP Calculus
DCC English,Gov/Eco,Stats

 SAT 1690     Top 20%  2 Years Ago

Honor Student. 96.67% average, top 11th percentile.
Participated in a play production my senior year. 3 AP classes taken. Already had an internship at an accounting firm.

 SAT 1690     Top 20%  2 Years Ago

Honor Student. 96.67% average, top 11th percentile.
Participated in a play production my senior year. 3 AP classes taken. Already had an internship at an accounting firm. I have 3 great letters of reccomendation.

 SAT 1690     Top 20%  2 Years Ago

Honor Student. 96.67% average, top 11th percentile.
Participated in a play production my senior year. 3 AP classes taken. Already had an internship at an accounting firm. I have 3 great letters of reccomendation.

 SAT 1790     Top 10%  2 Years Ago

Cross Country
Winter Track
Spring Track
Math Honor Society
Spanish Honor Society
National Honor Society

 SAT 1860     Top 5%  2 Years Ago

President key club vice president student council homer society wilkes barre junior leadership

 SAT 1780     Top 10%  2 Years Ago

Class treasurer, member of national honors society, band member, art club, ap psychology, ap art history, frequent volunteer at library, secratary for national junior honors society, apart of new visions medical occupation, anatonmy and physiology, honors gov., pre calc calc, honors english, attanded the rotary youth leadership conference, housekeeper, babysitter, yearbook club, writer at local teen newspaper

 SAT 1690     Top 1%  2 Years Ago

Volunteer at hospital, lifeguard for childreen, lifeguard for adults, musical, varsity swimming, swim club, volunteer softball and swimming coach, youth softball player, and history club.

 SAT 1540     Top 40%  2 Years Ago

A P US history, A P Government, honors geometry, honors algebra, honors trig, varsity hockey, 125 hrs of community service, art club, environment club

 SAT 1930     Top 20%  2 Years Ago

Area of Concentration: Creative Writing
SAT Critical Reading 740
SAT Math 600
- Founder of High School Writing Club
- twice selected to attend the NYS Young Writers Workshop at Skidmore College
- Summer Program (Junior Year) at CTY in Fiction Writing and Poetry
- Board Member, Friends of Library (2013-2015)
- Volunteer, Presbyterian Church, delivering food twice monthly to families in need

 SAT 1900     Top 50%  2 Years Ago

Key club
Saturday academy (after school program)
Physics internship at Lehman college
All honors
A.P Global

 SAT 1820     Top 20%  2 Years Ago

National Honor Society
Model Congress
Global Outreach
varsity volleyball
4.0 GPA
6 AP classes (physics, U.S, biology, calculus, english, poly-sci)
Advanced regents diploma

 SAT 1820     Top 5%  3 Years Ago

National Honor Society
National Society of High School Scholars
Advanced Regents Diploma
4.0 GPA
2 AP classes
Varsity Cross Country
Varsity Indoor Track
Varsity Outdoor Track

 SAT 1760     Top 20%  3 Years Ago

State or Country: New York

Program: Psychology
GPA: 3.5
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
- Varsity Swimming(Captain, 4 yrs)
- NHS (2 yrs)
- Varsity Swim Mananger(2 yrs)
- Model United Nations (2 yrs)
- JV Cheerleading (2 yrs)

 SAT 1800     Top 20%  3 Years Ago

-In cooking class.
-Awarded overall best student in upward bound.
- Honors student
_3.5 Gpa
-Internship at bronx zoo

 SAT 2150     Top 50%  3 Years Ago

2 varsity sports for 2 years
1 varsith sport for 3 years
ap scholar
6 AP classes

 SAT 1750     Top 10%  3 Years Ago

Cross Country- Varsity
Indoor Track- Varsity
Outdoor Track- Varsity
National Honor Society
National Society of High School Scholars
AP U.S History
AP English
4.0 GPA
Advanced Regents Diploma

 SAT 1720     Top 10%  3 Years Ago

Plays baseball, wrestles, and cross country. 3.8 gpa, ski club, some hours of community service

 SAT 1370     Top 5%  3 Years Ago

theater club, internship, college now classes with credit, tutoring elementary school children, and working at cinema

 SAT 1410     Top 50%  3 Years Ago

Eagle Scout
Community Service

Captain of Swim Team
Varsity Swim Team

CPR Trained

 SAT 1690     Top 20%  3 Years Ago

3 years Varsity Football
2 years Varsity Track
National Honor Society
Foreign Language Honor Society

 SAT 1410     Top 40%  3 Years Ago

Eagle Scout
Community Service

Varsity Swim Team
Captain of Swim Team


 SAT 1750     Top 20%  3 Years Ago

National Honor Society
Spanish Honor Society
Varsity Volleball
Varsity Basketball
Varsity Tennis
Varsity Track
History Club
Spanish Club
Adapted Aquatics
Library Volunteer

 SAT 1930     Top 10%  3 Years Ago

State or Country: New York

Program: Arts & Science, Business, Engineering..
GPA: 3.8
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Parkour Club (2 years)
- Robotics (1 year)
- 200+ community service hours

 SAT 2080     Top 10%  3 Years Ago

Russian club 3 years
Varsity Volleyball 1 year
Varsity Tennis 3 years
AP: Literature
GPA: 3.8

 SAT 1890     Top 30%  3 Years Ago

President of Asian Club, member of Math honor society, member of science honor society, member of national honor society, member of Science Olympiad, one year of lacrosse,and a member of Church Youth group.

 SAT 1900     Top 50%  3 Years Ago

State or Country: California

Program: Biology
AP: Bio 4, Language 4, Literature 4, Phsycology 5
GPA: 3.0
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
- Dance 4 years
- Volunteer 300 hours
- Interact Club, 3 years
- Leo Club, 3 yeras
- Perfect Attendance Award
- Outstanding Student Award for Dance

 SAT 1740     Top 20%  3 Years Ago

State: New York
Gender: Male
Interest: Biology, Pre-Med
SAT 2: Chemistry 700
GPA:3.9 (Weighted)
Full IB Diploma

IB: Biology, History, English, Ab Intio Italian, Math, Philosophy, Theory of Knowledge

Quidditch Team (2012)
W.O.R.K. Program (2012)
Audubon Society in Cape Code (2012)
Talent Show (Back Stage)(2013)
Club 90 (2010- present)
Autism Walk 2012 (2012)
Bio-Diversity Club (2011-present)
Habitat For Humanity Club (2011-present)
Leadership Program (2012)
Mosaic Program (2012)
Kitchen and cashier labor in a Chinese Restaurant (2008-present)
Bronx Works (2011-2012)
STEM Program in RPI (2009)
STEM Program in Stony Brook (2009

 SAT 1820     Top 1%  3 Years Ago

Country:kygyzstan,Middle Asia

profile of activities
- rhythmic gymnastics 3 years
- modern dances 2 years
- swimming 1 year

 SAT 1600     Top 10%  3 Years Ago

Jazz Band

 SAT 1900     Top 3%  3 Years Ago

-national honor society
-medical program
-skipped middle school
-drama club
-debate club
-model UN
-history club
-peer tutor (academic instructional material to 1st graders)

 SAT 1640     Top 10%  4 Years Ago

President of a club
Vice President of a club

Fencing captain

Rigorous courses(4 APs US History, English, Calculus BC, and Bio.
3.9 GPA

 SAT 1710     Top 30%  4 Years Ago

Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field, Breast cancer walks, joined the Bollywood Dance club senior year and the Biology club Freshman year.

 SAT 1710     Top 3%  4 Years Ago

Play in orchestra for 7 years, cello
3 year volunteer/community service
Leadership 1 year
Interact club 3 years
CYO Church organization 4 years
NYSSMA 7 years
All County Music Festival 6 years

 SAT 1800     Top 3%  4 Years Ago

National Honor Society (3 years)
Math Honor Society (2 years)
Chorus (4 years, participated at many concerts and competitions)
Vocal lessons (11 years)
Piano lessons (10 years)
Dance lessons (10 years)
Dance assistant (3 years)
Hospital Volunteering (2 years)
Summer Job experience

 SAT 1710     Top 40%  4 Years Ago

on varsity track team for 3 years
on jv softbal team 3 years
part oh high school yearbook club
part of police explorers
took a leadership course

 SAT 1670     Top 70%  4 Years Ago

4 year varsity wrestling Captain
Volunteer Weight lifting trainer 1 year
1 AP Class
3 Honors Classes
4 year French Club
1 MCP Class
3.1 GPA

 SAT 1520     Top 30%  4 Years Ago

ap bio, ap psych, ap spanish,
honors chem and physics
student council
spanish culture club
yearbook club

 SAT 1960     Top 30%  4 Years Ago

State: New York

Program: Nursing
AP: US History 3, English Lit 3, Calculus (not yet taken)
IB: Biology HL, Americas & Twentieth Century World Issues HL, English Literature HL, Mathematics SL, Music SL (scores not yet available)
GPA: 3.5
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
Drama Club
Interact Club
Art Club
International Club
Model UN
Annual Musical
Band, Jazz Band, and Chorus
All-County Band, Jazz, and Chorus

ESYO Youth Choir
DEC Volunteer

 SAT 1600     Top 10%  4 Years Ago

Varsity soccer
Varsity Golf
interact club
Wind Ensemble
National Honors society
Honor roll
Plays oboe
AP: World History, Global History, AB calc, Bio, English, Economics
Gender: male

 SAT 1880     Top 50%  4 Years Ago

Science Club
Maths Club
Book Club
Swim Team
Residents Association News paper Editor
Residents Association Charity Member
Cycling Competitions
Drawing and painting

 SAT 1320     Top 5%  4 Years Ago

honor roll student
Big Sister Little Sister Mentoring program
Tennis player
Track runner

 SAT 1950     Top 1%  4 Years Ago

State or Country: New York

SAT II: Chemistry 700, Physics 790, Math 800
AP: Calc 5, Physics 5, Stat 5
Gender: Male

 SAT 1930     Top 20%  4 Years Ago

art club
national honor society
honor roll
ladies of charity
national junior classics league

 SAT 1830     Top 10%  4 Years Ago

president of anti bias task force, president of writing club, anchor and writer for school news channel, writer for school newspaper

 SAT 1780     Top 40%  4 Years Ago

Community service
field hockey
summer job-engineering
science fair awards
video production internship
high school engineering academy
photography club

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