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 SAT 2020     Top 30%  18 Days Ago

5 AP classes, orchestra, leader of African american cultural club, member of Hispanic or Latino association, in Spanish National Honor Society, over 100 hours of voluntary work, 4.02 GPA, Temple Upward Bounds, Participated in Two medical/clinical research summer internships

 SAT 2020     Top 10%  1 Month Ago

4.3 GPA, AP Scholar with Distinction, Varsity Cross Country (Captain, State Qualifier), National Honors Society (2 years), Beta Club (2 years), Student Government Association (4 years), Student Ambassador(2 years), Model United Nations (Secretary/4 years)

 SAT 2110     Top 30%  2 Months Ago

Missions and relief / medical aid to Ethiopia and Kenya

Church activity and help to inner ciy youth during he summer

Rock climbibing in free ime and reading

 SAT 1920     Top 5%  3 Months Ago

President of the Drill team, member for four year, National Honor Society Member for two years

 SAT 1540     Top 50%  4 Months Ago

7 AP classes , 500 hours of voluntary work, science Olympiad sixth place in regional compitetion,3.3 GPA,base ball , basket ball, boys scouts,tracks participation,some summer camps social work certification,karate 5 years experience is done

 SAT 1980     Top 10%  4 Months Ago

Spanish Honor Society
National Honor Society
Dance Honor Society
Mu Alpha Theta
Independent Accelerated Science Program (4 years)
Thespian (4 years)
Secretary National Honor Society
8 AP classes (Senior)
Ballerina (14 years)
Choir (2 years)
4.261 GPA (weighted)
Caris-Hart Scholarship (Senior)

 SAT 2100     Top 20%  5 Months Ago

State or Country: Texas

Program: Natural Sciences
GPA: 4.0
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
- Student Government Treasurer (1 year)
- Student Government President (Elected)
- Volunteer at Texas Children's Hospital (2 years)

 SAT 2130     Top 20%  5 Months Ago

Cherry Creek High School Varsity Tennis
Volunteer Craig Rehabilitation hospital
Bee behavior research internship- University of Colorado
Junior Tennis teacher
National Honor Society
B'nai Brith Youth Organization Chapter Social Coordinator/Vice President

 SAT 2310     Top 20%  5 Months Ago

Westlake High School
GPA 3.7 (unweighted)
latin club- 4 years
latin club officer-1 year
model un- 2 years
model un webmaster- 1 year
volunteering kids -2 years
student council 1 year
latin national honor society- 4
national honor society- 1 year

 SAT 1770     Top 1%  5 Months Ago

Cheered for four years
JV and varsity captain

Volleyball-4 years
Captain 2 years of an area qualifying team

Class president all 4 years of a state president council 1 year and a district president 1 year

A honor roll all 4 years with perfect attendance

Powerlifting 2 years a regional qualifier

Track 3 years and then 1 year a state runner up in the 4x2

Conducted many projects in my school through student council - 70 hours so far

Volunteering currently at a hospital -24 hours

Vacation bible school volunteer-3 years with a total of 60 hours

4 years on homecoming court

Received many academic awards such as English, biology, Spanish

Ranked 3 in my class

Top 10% every year

 SAT 2270     Top 1%  5 Months Ago

4.0 UW GPA
200+ service hours
AP scores of 4 and 5
Treasurer Africa Club
President Africa Club
Co-founder of Belize Club
Ski Team (3 years)
Club Volleyball (4 years)
School Volleyball (2 years)
Varsity Debate (2 years)
Volunteer at Aquarium
Volunteer at local Watershed
Belize Service Trip (summer 2014)
Intern at local service organization (beginning summer of 2014)
National Honor Society
Outstanding student in English 9, French 2, Theology 2, and AP US History (Teachers award these to best students)

 SAT 1600     Top 3%  6 Months Ago

National Honor Society; two-time Diamondback Scholar Award recipient (cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher for at least three consecutive semesters); varsity letters - baseball (Spring 2013 and Spring 2014) and cross-country (Fall 2013); 2nd Team All-Southwest Conference Honors (Pitcher); Desert Oasis HS ”Most Valuable Pitcher” Award (Spring 2013 and 2014)

 SAT 2200     Top 1%  6 Months Ago

I am 1st in my class, in musical theatre, varsity choir, AP classes, work a part time job as a hostess in a restaurant

 SAT 2110     Top 1%  6 Months Ago

Program: Arts & Science, Business, Engineering..
SAT II: Chemistry 700, Physics 800, US History 800
AP: Chem 4, Physics 5, Bio 5..
GPA: 4.0
Gender: female

Profile of Activities:
- Varsity Football (Captain, 4 yrs)
- Yearbook (Editor, 2 yrs)
- Math League (3 yrs)
- Model United Nations (2 yrs)
- Won Best Delagate Award
- Best Presentation

 SAT 2210     Top 3%  6 Months Ago

AP Scholar with Honor
Future Physicians Club
Varsity Soccer (State Champs)
Club Soccer (State Champs)
Youth soccer referee for rec and club
Research Internship (Neurological Institute working in a lab studying ALS)
500 + Community Service (320 in hospital)
Honor Chorale

 SAT 1830     Top 5%  7 Months Ago

National Honor Society
Students with Academic Grit Society
Freshman Mentor
Rice's DREAM Engineering Mentorship Program

 SAT 2260     Top 1%  7 Months Ago

National honor society,math honor society,,national language honor society ,iv,soccor,varsity tennis,national science honor society.
Student council and student government, raised money for less fortunate inner,
IB diploma SAT R740 W780,Math740, SAT 2- physics-800'biology 800math w

 SAT 2240     Top 20%  9 Months Ago

National Honor Society
TAMS Medical Society
Globally Green Secretary
Hospital Volunteering
Sunray Youth Organization Volunteering
Sunray Youth Organization Spelling Bee Co- Chair
UIL Academic Spelling
Freshman Football

 SAT 1820     Top 10%  9 Months Ago

200 volunteer hours
Science club
Technology ambassador
Head library assistant
library committee
JV lacrosse
youth group
Nj science league
Research grant from ysap
Honor role

 SAT 2020     Top 1%  9 Months Ago

Varsity Band
Varsity Tennis
National Honor Society
Spanish National Honor Society
Recycling Club

 SAT 1720     Top 1%  10 Months Ago

Chemistry club, French club, French Honor Society, National Honor Society, 150 volunteer hours, unweighted GPA: 4.0, weighted GPA: 4.9

 SAT 1910     Top 30%  10 Months Ago

Theater- local community productions
Steady job
Military Brat
Lived in Japan and Italy

 SAT 1860     Top 5%  10 Months Ago

-African American
-Honor society
- AP scholar
- 7 ap courses
- 4.3 gpa
- community service
-varsity basketball
- team captain

 SAT 1970     Top 10%  11 Months Ago

National medalist for last 4 yrs ,black belt in taekowndo .editor school fair zonal winner.NGO

 SAT 1970     Top 10%  11 Months Ago

National medalist for last 4 yrs ,black belt in taekowndo .
editor school magazine.
science fair zonal winner.

 SAT 1970     Top 10%  11 Months Ago

National medalist for last 4 yrs ,black belt in taekowndo .
editor school magazine.
science fair zonal winner.

 SAT 2070     Top 3%  11 Months Ago

State or Country: Sri Lanka

Program: Mathematics and Finance
SAT II: Math I 900, Math II 800, Physics 740

GPA: 3.9
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Won Honorable Mention at International Mathematics Olympiad
- School Club President for Math Olympiad and Current Affairs Society
- National Winner at Intel Science Olympiad

 SAT 2110     Top 10%  12 Months Ago

4.3 gpa, 31 on act. Ran cross country senior year, student council president junior year.

 SAT 2140     Top 3%  12 Months Ago

Weighted GPA 4.5
UW 3.4
(extremely selective and rigorous magnet high school)
Varsity Swimming (captain jr & sr year)
Championship Team member of club swim team
Varsity Soccer starter (captain sr year)
Cello (in a youth symphony orchestra)
Youth Group (mission trips, weekly meetings)
Social Media Coordinator for School Sports Promotions Club
Co-founder and President of School Running Club
Established School Speak-Up line
Head of Volunteer Lifeguard Program
Conducting On-Campus Research
Key Club Member
School Fitness Club Member
Member of School Medical Society
Job teaching traditional swim lessons
Volunteer teaching swim lessons to kids with disabilities
Volunteer at local homeless shelter
Volunteer within the community (food banks, charity races, etc)
Caretaker for grandparent with Alzheimer's on Sundays to give parents and aunts a break
Au Pair for 2 small children for a month in a foreign country
Enjoy writing, playing piano, running (half marathons and 10ks), triathlons
Took a Northwestern course for college credit (received an A)

 SAT 2180     Top 1%  13 Months Ago

Golf Varsity Team 3 years, Golf Tournaments 5 years, Band 5 years, Voluntary Teaching, Community Service.

 SAT 2180     Top 3%  13 Months Ago

Golf Varsity Team, Golf tournaments 4 years, Band, Voluntary Teaching, Community Service.

 SAT 2180     Top 5%  13 Months Ago

Golf Varsity team, Golf tournaments 5 years, Voluntary teaching, Band, Community Service.

 SAT 1680     Top 20%  13 Months Ago

Varsity soccer team captain, French club president, Digital Media Academy intern, Girl Scout for 13 years.

 SAT 2150     Top 10%  14 Months Ago

Vice President of HOSA
2nd degree black belt in Soo Bahk DO( eight years)
SOS( communtity service club)
Varsity Tennis
Quiz bowl
VP of communications of Pre Med Society

 SAT 1310     Top 20%  14 Months Ago

-Work for a property manager
- Rugby
- Anti-Bullying Club
- Volunteer at church
-part of college readiness programs

 SAT 1880     Top 10%  14 Months Ago

AP Scholar with distinction

Varsity Volleyball

3.875 / 4.00

4.875 / 5.00

 SAT 1940     Top 3%  14 Months Ago

Show choir
Cross country
National honors society
Spanish national honors society
Making a difference club

 SAT 2060     Top 20%  14 Months Ago

Volunteer at Washington Hospital,
Summer time volunteer at camp for kids,
Science Club
Engineering club

 SAT 1750     Top 1%  14 Months Ago

Member of National Honor Society, Historian of Science National Honor Society, President of International Culture Club pf Eisenhower, trumpet player, member of high school band, member of College Forward, member of French Club, Academic Decathlon participant

 SAT 1650     Top 20%  14 Months Ago

StudentGov Student Body President(11,12)
National Honor Society(11,12)
Washed Up Club
Founder and President(12)
Best Buddies(10,11,12)
Student Ambassadors(12)
Business Academy(11,12)
DECA(10,11,12) Secretary
PR Manager
4 Varsity Letters
Christian Club (9,10)
Athletic Training(9)

 SAT 1650     Top 20%  14 Months Ago

StudentGov Student Body President(11,12)
National Honor Society(11,12)
Washed Up Club
Founder and President(12)
Best Buddies(10,11,12)
Student Ambassadors(12)
Business Academy(11,12)
DECA(10,11,12) Secretary
PR Manager
4 Varsity Letters
Christian Club (9,10)
Athletic Training(9)

 SAT 2000     Top 5%  14 Months Ago

State: Texas
AP: World History 5, English 4, U.S. History 5, Spanish IV 4
GPA: 3.8
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities
Art Club (2 years)
George Memorial Library Youth Service (3 years)
Muslim Student Association (3 years)
National Honor Society
IEC Sunday School
Ali School Speaker and Learner

 SAT 2290     Top 1%  14 Months Ago

State or Country: Florida

SAT II: Biology 730, Math II 720, US History 700
GPA: 4.0
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities
- Relay for Life (Team Captain, 4 yrs)
- DIY Crafts Club (President & Founder, 2 yrs)
- USF Byrd Alzheimer's Institute (Research Assisstant, 3 yrs)
- Moffitt Cancer Center (Teen Volunteer, 2 yrs)
- NHS (Active Member, 2 yrs)
- Pandeagle - Chinese learning program (Peer mentor, >1 year)

 SAT 2200     Top 10%  15 Months Ago

Varsity tennis , drums , singing, karate,200 plus hours of volunteer
high school specializing health sciences
gpa 3.8

 SAT 1890     Top 20%  15 Months Ago

Debate Club
Environmental Club
Mandarin Language Exchange Programs
Volunteer Work for Special Olympics
Recycling Club
Summer jobs
Piano player
Soccer Varsity
Science Fair National Honors
Filming National Honor
Talent show winner

 SAT 2050     Top 1%  15 Months Ago

I volunteered many hrs by helping out at my local soup kithcn and also do lots of tutoring at my school.. ALso did many medical clinics for females and children

 SAT 2010     Top 5%  15 Months Ago

Marching Band
Wind Ensemble
National Honors Society
National Spanish Honors Society
National Technical Honors Society
National Science Honors Society
Flute Section Leader
Youth Retreat Leader
Youth Group service projects

 SAT 2140     Top 3%  16 Months Ago

State or Country: Texas

GPA: 3.91
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
- Band (Drumline Captain, 3 yrs)
- Violin/Viola (12 yrs)
-2 year All-State Orchestra member
- Debate (3 yrs)
National Honor Society (1 year)
Civil Air Patrol (4 years)
-Billy Mitchell Award
-Former Cadet Commander

 SAT 2290     Top 1%  17 Months Ago

-President, Student Council
-Gold Medal in academics
-Blue Tie in academics
-Indian classical music
-Jazz dance
-Fit in Deutsch German Proficiency exam- 72/80

 SAT 2100     Top 1%  17 Months Ago

-SAT II math780, biology 680
-13 AP classes in Sophomore,Jr and Sr classes
-more than 100 hours of community service
-Treasurer of the UNICEF club
-Active National onor Society member
-attended an internship at congress
- had a short observer-ship at a hospital
-rank 3 out of 150 students at a competitive school
-member of the Physics olympiad program(at school)
-active member of the Robotics club for 3 years with many awards
-came to USA in 9th grade
-played piano since 6th grade
-science olympiad
-physics bowl

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