My Chances New
Appalachian State University 90%
SAT Score: 1610, Class Rank: 20
University of Colorado at Boulder 85%
SAT Score: 1640, Class Rank: 80
University of Notre Dame 50%
SAT Score: 1640, Class Rank: 80
Yale University 5%
SAT Score: 2310, Class Rank: 5

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2300 SAT Score

This SAT score averages 767 points per section.

If you take the test multiple times, your score will most likely fluctuate between the range 2210-2390.

Is 2300 a good SAT score?

This SAT score means that you scored better than 99.65% of test takers.

Total Percentile: 99.65%
Male Percentile: 99.59%
Female Percentile: 99.70%

In 2006, 872 students scored 2300 on the SAT. There were 1,376,745 test takers in 2006.

(Data for 2006: Percentiles change depending on the year)

How does an 2300 SAT score translate to an ACT score or to the old SAT scoring?

The score converts to an ACT score of 34 out of 36. A 2300 translates into an old SAT score (before the writing section was added) of 1520 out of 1600.

What are some schools I should consider with a 2300 SAT score?
(scores for 25-75th percentile of admitted students)

Research Universities

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College of William and Mary - SAT Scores (1870-2160)
Northwestern University - SAT Scores (1980-2250)
Vanderbilt University - SAT Scores (1940-2210)
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Liberal Arts Colleges

Swarthmore College - SAT Scores (2040-2300)
Amherst College - SAT Scores (2000-2290)
Pomona College - SAT Scores (2060-2280)
Harvey Mudd College - SAT Scores (2110-2320)
Reed College - SAT Scores (1960-2200)
Williams College - SAT Scores (1980-2280)
Carleton College - SAT Scores (1960-2220)
Haverford College - SAT Scores (1940-2240)
Oberlin College - SAT Scores (1880-2190)
Wellesley College - SAT Scores (1960-2210)
Wesleyan University - SAT Scores (1930-2210)
Bowdoin College - SAT Scores (1950-2200)
Grinnell College - SAT Scores (1875-2190)
Middlebury College - SAT Scores (1900-2220)
Vassar College - SAT Scores (1950-2190)
Washington and Lee University - SAT Scores (1960-2190)

Recent History

SAT Score 2300, Top 1%
State or Country: India Nationality: American Program:Engineering.. SAT II: Chemistry 740, Physics 700, Math Level 2 720 GPA: 4 Gender: Male Profile of Activities: - School Head Boy (1 year) - House Captain (1 year), House won overall sports and arts trophy - Finance Minister/School Parliament (1 year) -Eco Club (1 year) -A grade in English Extempore, State level -1st place in English Extempore, District Level -3rd place in English story writing, district level -One month volunteer work teaching of poor child...
10 Months Ago

SAT Score 2300, Top 10%
Sat II: Math II, Chemistry, Biology AP's Taken throughout High School: Ap Biology, Ap Chemistry, AP Physics, AP World History, AP Us History, Ap Government,Ap English Lit, Ap English Language, Ap Psychology, Ap Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Ap Statistics, Ap Economics GPA: 4.4 Gender: Female Activities: -Photojournalism/Yearbook (Editor and Chief 2 years, Regular Staffer 1 year) -Unicef Board Member -NHS (2 Years) -SNHS (2 Years) -Governors School for Math, Science and Technology -Internship for a small Bu...
11 Months Ago

SAT Score 2300, Top 3%
State or Country: California GPA: 4.0 unweighted 4.58 weighted Gender: Female Race: Caucasian Profile of Activities: - Yearbook - Student Council - welcoming and website committees - volunteer work at a wildlife hospital, other sites (100 hours total) - environmental club - career partnerships program - trip to Belize to help dolphin research and work with marine biologists - trips to France without parents to experience language immersion - Main "sport": professional youth troupe, highest level (varsity ...
2 Years Ago

SAT Score 2300, Top 20%
AP Calc - 5 AP Chem - 5 APUSH - 5 AP Lit - 4 AP Euro - 5 Overall UW: 3.7 Weighted: 4.08 / 4.5 (the AP and Honors classes are both weighted as a 4.5) ECs: 300+ Hours at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, 3 week internship at AECOM, Lead violinist for 2 years for my Advanced Chamber Ensemble, Varsity XC for 3 years, Varsity Track for 4 years, Tri-M Music Honors Society member for 2 years, Community Service Honors society, Advisory Board member, Policy Journal writer, Dean's List (3.8GPA or higher) for all 3 years, National M...
2 Years Ago

SAT Score 2300, Top 10%
GPA (Only Weighted) - 94/100 Rank - None (school doesnt give) SAT - 2300/2400 SATII: Math II - 780, Biology - 780, Physics - 800 AP Taken: AP Calc BC, AP Bio, AP Physics 1, AP Physics C, AP Chem, AP World History, AP Computer Science, AP Lit, AP Environmental Science, APush, AP Econ (Micro and Macro) (12 AP's) College Classes: GT Calc Awards: Maybe ISEF Honor Roll All Years Published Science Research HOSA regional winner FBLA regional winner Chess State Winner with Team Certificate of Completion from an iO...
2 Years Ago

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